Ashoka Centre for China Studies (CCS)

Launched just the previous year, the Centre for China Studies has kicked off with its vision of becoming an academic centre that produces first-class scholarship on China.

The Centre held a series of eight online lectures by some of the most eminent global scholars on China during the monsoon semester.

The year 2021 further saw the first cohort of China-India Visiting Scholars complete their programme and the enrolment of the second batch. The Centre is working towards offering a minor in China Studies in the next academic year.

Two new faculty, Dr Eloise Wright and Dr Sayantani Mukherjee, were appointed; Chinese language classes took off at Ashoka, the China-India Visiting Scholars programme and Post-Doctoral Fellowships were continued; and Mandarin Language Fellowships for advanced language study in a Chinese-language environment are also beginning.

Another milestone achieved during the year was the Centre receiving Dr Roderick MacFarquhar’s library, which he donated to us. The Centre will seek to build up a repository of China related material, papers and records in the years to come.

As part of its capacity building initiatives, the Centre also worked with other Indian universities which are engaged with or hope to undertake China studies programmes to raise the level of scholarship in India on China.


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