Ashoka Library

Gearing up for new challenges

The library has recently moved to new and spacious premises to accommodate more seats, resources, and collaborative activities. Ideally located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the new AC 04 building, its designed by renowned architects & designers to provide a conducive environment for learning & research.

Library can now boast of exclusive sections for reference books, rare/classic collection, personal collections and Books authored by Ashoka faculty members. There are separate rooms for digital curation, multimedia reference and user training. There are study carrels for the researchers so that they get a designated place for a peaceful study & research.

To support hybrid learning, the library gives equal emphasis to print and digital media. Currently,the library holds about 53000 print books, 330,000+ e-books, 15,500+ e-journals and a host of e-reference sources & e- archives. All these e-resources can be easily accessed by all Ashokans through remote access anytime, anywhere. Library also acts as one the provider of oral history from "The 1947 partition" archives, which is into historical research through recorded interviews of partition affected people.

The library catalog is hosted on KOHA, and the institutional repository is created on D-Space, both freewares. The self check -in machines provided on both floors enable faster & accurate transactions. The library portal provides all required information for students and helps them navigate to catalog data, e resources and a few select research tools.

The Library assists the academic community in curating course materials through its institutional repository services. It provides research support through its plagiarism check platforms, journal discovery systems and reprint services. Library has collaborations with other institutions, publishers and agencies to source specialized research materials. Keeping the diversity of students in mind, the library has contemporary collections in select vernacular languages.


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