Ashoka Alumni Legacy

Ashoka University has helped create a generation of resolute young individuals and we now have an Alumni Network that is 3300+ members strong and spread across more than 30 cities in the world, from Berlin to Hong Kong to Geneva to New Delhi.

While on their respective journeys to carve a niche in their chosen domains, Alumni are also cognizant of staying connected to the Ashoka network and getting involved in furthering the vision of the University. For instance, Mahesh Jakhotia (YIF 12), Jairaj Bhattacharya (YIF 12), Natasha Zarine (YIF 13), Kshiti Gala (YIF 13) and Sandhya Iyer (YIF 12) have given generously to the Ashoka Alumni Scholarship Fund with the vision of making education at Ashoka more accessible.

Many others also give back to the university by making available placement, ELM and internship opportunities, as well as through mentoring.

Both personal and professional aspects of alumni life are intricately tied to the Ashoka community. The pandemic saw city wide alumni networks come together to volunteer and expand the reach of various COVID-related requests. Local chapters also play an important role in making career opportunities and guidance accessible.

Despite it being a year that was largely lived virtually with scarce chances for real life community engagement, the organic allyship provided a boost to formalize alumni chapters in India and across the globe.

The ARO team consisting of Pro VC Eshwara Venkat, Anu Singh, Akriti Asthana and Meera set out to activate the networks that had lulled during COVID. Alumni reunions were organised in Mumbai and Delhi in September and November, and more have been planned in the coming months across India. Mumbai saw an attendance of 40 alumni, the meet up was hosted by Kshiti Gala and her mother in their lovely apartment. The Delhi reunion at the Ashoka Vasant Kunj office witnessed a turnout of over 200 alumni.

Meanwhile, the Ashoka Alumni Chapter Handbook was created in October ‘21 inviting alumni volunteers to lead chapters in their cities. In the first phase of this exercise, we received nominations from 13 cities across the world and have instituted five chapters as of December including Delhi NCR, Goa, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and a pan-Rajasthan chapter.

The chapters are an alumni-led initiative to channel the spirit of the community into creating a peer support system that is local and easily accessible.

The city chapters work closely with the Alumni Relations Office and the Alumni Council to streamline communication and increase the avenues for collaboration within the community and with the University.

As Alumni traditions take hold, we hope to engage more deeply with our alumni community in the coming years and strengthen the #AshokaAlumniLegacy.


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