Trivedi Centre for Political Data (TCPD)

The Trivedi Centre for Political Data (TCPD) has released new public datasets and built new research partnerships this year.

New data releases include:

  1. A Political Career Tracker which tracks the career trajectory of candidates who contested all state and national elections since 1962.

  2. A new Indian Political Parties Dataset, useful to anyone interested in tracing the formation, origins and trajectories of Indian political parties. It can be used as a base to study parties’ splits and mergers.

  3. A Governors' Dataset (TCPD-GID): This dataset contains information on the Governors (or equivalent administrative heads) of all the states and union territories of India, since 1947.

  4. A Chief Ministers’ Dataset (TCPD-CMID), which contains information on the Chief Ministers of the States of India, along with their electoral history. The released dataset contains information on Chief Ministers of 20 states between 1962 and 2021.

  5. TCPD-IAS: This dataset is the first public repository of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers. It contains a wealth of socio-demographic information and the history of postings of IAS since Independence.

  6. TCPD and CASI (UPenn) have built jointly the first repository of municipal bodies election results for eight states.

Data Update: The centre integrated elections result and candidates’ profiles for the last two rounds of state elections in India. This data was used extensively for electoral analysis publications.

TCPD Columns: TCPD launched a weekly analysis publication called 'TCPD Columns'. These are short analytical and descriptive articles that showcase how TCPD data is built and how it can be used. The columns create an opportunity for research staff to write methodological notes from their work.

New Partnerships’: TCPD has partnered with the Centre for the Advanced Study of India at the University of Pennsylvania (CASI, UPenn). We are working together to build a public database of municipal elections under the supervision of Gilles Verniers (TCPD), Tariq Thachil (CASI, UPenn) and Adam Auerbach (American University).

Book Release: Dr S.Y. Quraishi, Distinguished Fellow at TCPD, released a new book on “The Population Myth”, which received wide acclaim and reception.


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