The year 2021 has been a milestone year for the Ashoka project. It marks a decade since the project was initiated.

Over the years, Ashoka’s journey as a leading teaching and research institution has been enabled by the fundraising team’s efforts to support the institution.

The team takes immense pride in being able to bring to life Ashoka’s audacious goal of putting India on the world map. The team is instrumental in creating a channel through which financial resources and intellect of some of India’s and the world’s greatest minds are helping support the university.

We have garnered a committed set of founders to build the best-in-class infrastructure that offers a unique educational experience which is both innovative and inclusive.

2021, like every year, was momentous and unique in many ways. As a team we overcame the challenges brought by the first wave of the pandemic, and steered the institution in its next phase of evolution through a robust fundraising strategy.

The team has raised resources from new contributors as well as managed stewardship with the existing Ashoka founder and donor community.

Significant strides made during the year

The team raised almost Rs 80 crores of funds in the last 12 months, taking the total funds raised for the Ashoka project to Rs 1,566 cr. A total of nine new founders, four donors and five annual fund contributors were added to Ashoka’s contributor community of over 200 individuals and organizations.

Ashoka continues to remain a truly unique model of collective philanthropy in the Indian higher education space. At present, a total of 157 Founders, 11 donors and 32 annual fund contributors are participating with us in our mission to leave a legacy that lasts beyond our lifetimes.

In 2021, distinguished organizations joined us to support Ashoka’s inclusion and diversity agenda and support funding Ashoka’s infrastructure. Eminent philanthropists joined our illustrious group of contributors and many existing ones enhanced their support and opened their personal and professional networks to enable placements.

Steering donor communication during turbulent times was enabled by our communications strategy. By interweaving purposeful content, we maintained a connection and inspired conversations as our engagement model from in-person had to be tweaked to digital-first.

The monthly newsletters with Ashoka updates, reports on Ashoka’s Inclusion and Diversity agenda, visual stories on scholarship students were well received by the larger donor community. The important group of Ashoka Trustees was managed through well-planned update meetings.

We also launched a separate vertical called Annual Fund that aspires to raise funds to support scholarships that will lend to creating operational sustainability in the coming years.

Launch of Build Ashoka Campaign

Our success as a project over the last decade has inspired us to dream bigger. In the previous quarter of the year, as additional land was procured, another important milestone for the team was achieved. Ashoka aspires to expand its physical campus to become a 93-acre single-location contiguous campus in the decades to come.

This expansion would be matched with increasing the student body to three times its current strength and building a top-notch sciences program as well as strengthening research. To meet with these bold goals and secure Ashoka’s future, the fundraising team is gearing up to launch a Build Ashoka fundraising campaign in 2022.

As a team, we are excited to welcome another exciting year with a goal of raising twice the funds since inception in less than half the time and expand Ashoka’s circle of influence to many more like-minded partners.


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