Just as the devastation unleashed by the pandemic became more visible, the more crucial became the task at hand for Team Operations of Ashoka University.

In this pandemic year 2021, Team Operations of Ashoka has worked on many fronts simultaneously. First is keeping the Campus secure and COVID free, second is improvement in the infrastructure and services and third is Infrastructure expansion. Teams under the ambit of Operations, worked hand-in-hand with each other to achieve excellence.

Dining team, while following all the COVID protocols in the dining hall, ensured that the best food from all regions and diverse menu is served to Ashokans that too without any queue. In the meantime, a new dining floor has also been added in the existing dining space to enhance the dining experience. Housekeeping team ensured the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene on Campus during this time. To enhance the cleaning quality and reduce the physical efforts, the team has incorporated mechanised cleaning with the help of upgraded machines and equipment. Simultaneously, the team has ensured the sanitation of the entire Campus with Sodium Hypochlorite, Aqua-K-Othrine for COVID treatment, larva treatment in addition to regular fumigation of Campus and surrounding areas to keep the Campus free from COVID and Dengue menace. A set of gardeners ensured that Campus looks as beautiful and green as earlier while developing the newly built areas during this year. The green lawns actually helped everyone to break the monotony of lockdown lives and enabled them to conduct group activities while maintaining physical distance.

Despite of all the odds of COVID and the ongoing farmer protest, we ensured to provide transport service from the Campus to parker and TDI. No matter what the situation was, we ensured that food supply to our residents in Parker Residency trough shuttle is never effected.

All the teams worked on the staff welfare front very proactively and collectively ranging from continued on time salary disbursal during lockdown to additional financial assistance to needy workers, physical and mental well-being, recreational activities like cricket match and movie screenings, celebration of festivals and women’s day, all of them were very well taken care of.

The Infirmary bed capacity has been increased from 7 beds to 16 beds including a triage bed for patient’s examination in case of an emergency. New equipment’s have been procured at the infirmary like Automated External Defibrillator, ECG machine, Oxygen Concentrators and wheel chairs. Regular COVID testing conducted on Campus since Jul’20 onwards with approximate 13,300 tests done till date including students, staff, faculty, outsourced staff and construction workers. These include both Rapid and RTPCR tests. We have also done in house testing by using the Coviself Rapid Antigen test kits.

We have conducted extensive vaccination drive on campus. Till now we have organised seven vaccination camps on Campus starting Apr’21 till Oct’21 and approximately 730 persons have been vaccinated in these camps. Apart from on campus vaccination camps, we have got vaccinations done for lot of our students and staff at various vaccination centres in Sonipat. Till now 91% of the outsourced staff has been doubly vaccinated.

The IQC was set-up in Jan’21 with the aim to get back students on Campus following the COVID protocols and adhering to the SOPs and guidelines issued by the authorities. The IQC had been setup in RH05 which has 10 floors and each floor has 20 rooms. In total there were 180 rooms for isolation and 20 rooms for the medical and Housekeeping staff residing in the Residence Hall. Specific floors were allocated for COVID positive patients, symptomatic patients and for contact tracing .We have a dedicated medical team to manage IQC which consists of two doctors and 7 nurses. The entire operations of the IQC is run in strict adherence to COVID protocols like wearing full PPEs, testing protocols, food supply and disposal of the waste.

On the energy aspect, we have added an additional capacity of 121 KW of Solar energy now making it to a total capacity of 892KW thus enabling us to considerably offset carbon footprints.

Ashoka has finished the construction of South Campus with the completion of RH-05, FH-02 and Academic Block-04 this year. This completion has added 200 student rooms, 80 faculty apartments and 130 faculty cabins, 32 classrooms of various capacities, a state-of-the-art library to its infrastructure and a centralized laundry. In addition to this, the Team Accommodation is establishing its first off-Campus housing for the students of senior classes. Another good news is that Ashoka University has acquired another piece of land (North Campus) to expand its horizon and started the construction. By the monsoon semester of 2023, the new Campus will be available for student residences, classes and other activities.

Additionally, Academic Block-04 building has been certified as the highest Platinum rating building by Indian Green Building Council.


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