Parents Office

The Ashoka Parents Office aims to make parents active participants in University’s mission of providing the best liberal education to all deserving students.

We believe that the Ashoka ecosystem would be strengthened immeasurably by the parent community’s support in areas such as internships, placements, mentorship and funding. Finally, as important stakeholders in their students’ academic journey, parents have many concerns and queries. The office functions as a point of contact for all such queries and their speedy resolution thereof.

Parent Engagement:

  1. Meet parents to share the Ashoka vision and mission, and to invite them to participate in the University’s journey.

  2. Curate special events where parents interact with a prominent University personality. On 8th October, parents of 1st year UG and YIF students were invited for ‘Chai with the Chancellor’ - an exclusive interaction with the Chancellor of Ashoka University, Prof Rudrangshu Mukherjee. At this event, Prof Mukherjee gave a talk on Gandhi’s ‘Hind Swaraj’ and the current significance of the Mahatma’s concept of moral courage. The Chancellor then spoke at length about the relevance of Ashoka University’s mission. This was followed by a lively Q&A session where questions ranged from Gandhi’s definition of patriotism to Ashoka University’s focus on teaching students to think for themselves. Almost 150 parents attended the event.

  3. Send the university newsletter ‘Reflections’ to keep parents updated on the latest happenings

  4. Invite parents to carefully selected talks and events such as some of the ‘Ashoka X ’ courses and ‘Distinguished Lecture Series’

  5. Share all useful information promptly e.g, the ‘return to campus plan’ developed out by the Vice Chancellor’s office was immediately emailed to parents

  6. Address all queries in a timely and relevant manner

New Initiatives :

  1. Mentoring programme: In conjunction with the Career development Office, this initiative intends to pair UG students in the 2nd or 3rd year with Ashoka parents who are experts in their fields. The parent will meet the student regularly

and help negotiate career/ higher study choices. Many parents have already expressed in participating in this programme.

  1. Setting up Parent Chapters: To begin with, the aim is to set up Parent Chapters in each major city of India. Each chapter will be a forum where Ashoka parents can meet and discuss ways of strengthening all aspects of the Ashoka proposition.


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