Undergraduate Admissions

In a year of unmatched uncertainties, pain, loss and chaos, we have learned to be more empathetic and compassionate, and grateful for the ability to contribute each day, not only to the tasks at hand, but also in small ways to the numerous candidates we interacted with.

Unlike the chaos and sudden transition of moving completely online in March 2020, when we started the new Admissions Cycle in October 2020 for the incoming UG 2024 cohort of August 2021, our processes were set in place, and the team seemed to have found its work-from-home rhythm. Unfortunately, with the uncertainty of Class XII Board Examinations and Results, as well as the start dates of Central and Public Universities, the previous admissions cycle ran right into the new one we had started. However, we were able to pull ourselves together to face the mammoth task of processing a much higher number of applications.

Then came April and May 2021, and as our country collapsed under Covid infections, deaths, and grief, many of the Admissions Team members were also severely affected, and yet, we kept the admissions processes rolling. In many ways, work was our ray of hope and gave our applicants and us a sense of stability as things fell apart around us.

As an Admissions Team that meets students and discusses global and national affairs, and their very personal life journeys apart from their academic and non-academic interests, there were daily moments of deep reflection and conversations with candidates and each other that revolved around things that we once took for granted, which now were of significant importance.

While we executed our entire process online without meeting even one candidate in person, once we made offers of admission to candidates, we spent time connecting with them and their families to address queries and concerns, and to show them the vision of an Ashoka education and learning experience.

We did this regularly till the start of the academic session in August 2021, using various creative ideas by our Ashoka student interns, hosting student sessions with Founders and parents' sessions with senior Administrative Leadership, and sending out a number of communication pieces.

As a result of persevering, despite all odds, the Office of Admissions was successful in interviewing nearly 3000 candidates and bringing in diverse cohorts of over 700 undergraduate students and 50 postgraduate students to its programmes for the academic session that started in August 2021. Our mandate has always been to craft these cohorts with students from a variety of backgrounds and unique lived experiences, through our highly selective admissions process and generous financial waivers. It has been our endeavour to ensure that the admissions processes are inclusive so that our diverse and inclusive campus is truly enriching and life giving.


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